Welcome to The Care Center

Where We Care About Your Well-Being

About Your Care Collective 


Our mission is to connect independent and remote workers to well-being experts, healthcare practitioners and a community of care through membership and custom care plans. Because the best form of self-care is collective care. 

About Us: 

Your Care Collective (YCC) was established in June 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Founder and CEO, Joelle Tolifero sought out to find a community who wanted to focus on their well-being and learned that the highest area of need within the community was amongst those working remotely. 

As a remote worker prior to the pandemic, Joelle felt compelled to widen her net to support independent workers and remote organizations. Your Care Collective is building a virtual-first collective of well-being experts, mental health practitioners, and integrative/functional medicine doctors to serve this community wherever they are, however they work and whatever their well-being needs. 


What You Can Expect From YCC

Membership at the foundational level is free and provides access to monthly events, virtual coworking and weekly resources.


Benefits of Focused Care Membership

Members enrolled in Focused Care will receive weekly challenges that follow YCC's goal setting methodology and supports them in accelerating their well-being and maintenance beyond the program.  Each month of the three month program concludes with a live session led by a well-being expert to skill-build and advance member’s transformation. 


  • Guidance on where you should focus your care 

  • Research based goal setting strategies 

  • Structured curriculum to keep you on track

  • Coaching from a well-being expert 

  • Guidance from a Care Coordinator 

  • Weekly resources to support your well-being

  • A Collective of peers to support you

Thoughts From The Collective...

"The Your Care Collective program is great because it focuses holistically on many different areas of your well-being. The program I took ran courses in cohorts so you were able to get to know an awesome group of other people and go on a wellness journey together over a couple of weeks. I especially loved the week we focused on physical wellness because I took the program in the middle of the pandemic and it was a good reminder to move my body. Highly recommend joining and spending some time focusing on yourself!" 

- Angela K. - Non-profit professional 

YCC brilliantly facilitated in a way that created a mindful space, as well as a sharing space. Our well-being expert led a session at our program’s Mid-Year Summit and although there were 100+ attendees, she made the space feel intimate and engaging and our members deeply appreciated the thoughtfulness of the space.

The program was helpful in encouraging AmeriCorps members to prioritize wellbeing in their workday- an often unstretched muscle. Our staff members were also encouraged to attend, and even the beginning meditation helped me to relax, reflect, and recalibrate my mind in a positive way for the remainder of my workday.

- Chelsea B. - AmeriCorps Member Experience Director at City Year Philadelphia